Shopping Mall Centrum Chodov to Change its Name

When Unibail-Rodamco acquired Westfield last year, one of its aims was to leverage the hallowed Westfield mall brand among its European Holdings. Today, the combined Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield named the first 10 Westfields on the continent.

Seven of them are in France: Westfield Les Quatre Temps; Westfield Forum des Halles; Westfield Vélizy 2; Westfield Parly 2; Westfield Carré Sénart, Westfield Rosny 2 in the Paris region, and Westfield Euralille in Lille.

Poland, Sweden, and the Czech Republic will host the remaining three: Westfield Arkadia in Warsaw, Westfield Mall of Scandinavia in Stockholm, and Westfield Chodov in Prague.

The shopping center in Chodov underwent an extensive reconstruction two years ago and is currently the largest one in Prague with 300 shops. It opened on November 9, 2005.

“As the only global brand in the industry, the introduction of Westfield will enhance the value and positioning of our destinations across Continental Europe [and provide] an international platform for retailers to enter new markets,” said URW group CEO Christophe Cuvillier in a press release announcing the locations.

A marketing and advertising campaign employing cinema, TV, print, and social media will support the introduction of the Westfield brand in all four countries where it’s being introduced.

Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield is currently focusing on the construction of a brand new shopping center above Vltavská metro station in Holešovice. 

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