Seznam Owner Donated CZK100 Million to Ukraine After Bucha Footage

The owner of, Ivo Lukačovič, says he will send another CZK 100 million to the Ukrainian Embassy in the Czech Republic.

The owner of, Ivo Lukačovič, tweeted this morning that after watching videos of the massacres in the Ukrainian city of Bucha, he decided to send CZK 100 million to the Ukrainian Embassy to acquire arms to defend itself from Russia.

Other Czech donors include Škoda Auto, which has donated CZK 10 million, the investment group PPF and The Kellner Family Foundation, which will give CZK 100 million to educate and integrate the children of refugees from Ukraine.

A destroyed town

Bucha, a commuter town of around 37,000 outside Kyiv, as well as the nearby town of Irpin, saw fierce fighting since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24.

Bucha was occupied by the Russian army on the third day of the war, on February 26, and remained inaccessible for more than a month.

Shelling stopped on Thursday and Ukrainian forces were only able to fully enter the town a few days ago.

Ukraine’s prosecutor-general Iryna Venediktova claimed bodies of 410 civilians were found in towns around the capital Kyiv on Sunday that were recaptured from Russian forces.

Those who stayed in Bucha, trapped by the incessant fighting, were deprived of water and electricity and lived in very cold temperatures.

Russia’s defence ministry denied the claims, saying that all photographs and videos published by the Ukrainian authorities alleging crimes by Russian forces in Bucha were a “provocation” and that no civilian suffered violence at the hands of Russian troops.

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