Czech Republic Ranks 18th in Annual Sexual Wellness Report

The Sexual Wellness Report

Cosmetics brand Lookfantastic ranked countries on societal attitudes towards sexuality, taking into account an interest in sexual health.

The study analyses monthly Google searches for the following in each country, and produced a ‘sexual wellness score’ to reveal where in the world people are embracing the sexual wellness trend the most.

It also examines where men and women are most interested in sexual health, toys, and porn.

The Czech Republic falls behind other European countries when it comes to sex positivity, ranking 18th overall.

The United States of America comes in at number one as the most sexually aware country.

Asides from their major cities searching the most for ‘sexual wellness’, their sexual wellness score was also ramped up by their avid use of OnlyFans.

The UK beat its European neighbors (Italy, Spain, and Germany), and France has Paris to thank for ranking in the top 10.

Their capital city not only has the highest search volumes for masturbation in the world but also, alongside London, has the highest search volumes for Pornhub.

Surprisingly, Russia, a country known for being very conservative when it comes to talking about sex, actually ranked in the top 10 most sexually aware countries while the Netherlands, a country known for being very open about sex and still ranked in the top 10, came in at the lower end of the spectrum.

Pandemic times favored the sale of sex toys. There was a high interest in masturbation, as well, the research report writes.

The country in which the increased interest in erotic toys had the most impact was Romania, where between 2019 and 2021 sales through Lookfantastic rose by 21,000 percent, followed by the United States with 19,500 percent, Ireland, the United Kingdom and Canada increase below 10 thousand percent.

The greatest interest was in vibrators, in second place were candles for an intimate atmosphere, then latex-free condoms, lubricators, massage oils, aphrodisiac scents, and massage devices.

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