Sex and Coronavirus: Prymula Allows Sex But Only With Proven Partner

In the attempt to stop the spread of the coronavirus in the Czech Republic, a set of new restrictions were announced this month by the government.

Last week Minister of Health, Roman Prymula, took to his Twitter account to reveal the extra measures that would be imposed.

After one user asked on Twitter whether sex is still permitted, Prymula replied: “These activities are allowed, but only with a proven partner.”

This led many users to speculate on whether Prymula’s Twitter account was a parody account. However, the “new rule” was later confirmed on the same day in an interview with journalists.

Prior to this, the minister spoke about reducing the number of group gatherings and gave a British example where the current limit is set at six people in total. Prymula also mentioned that a milder option for the Czech Republic would be 10 to 20 people.

The sex restriction rule is already in the works in places such as the Netherlands and Manchester, UK. Despite a clear invasion of privacy, the British government has strongly advised people to participate in sexual relations “within one household.”

According to Monday’s news in the local press, the British public were told not to invite visitors to their homes or under any other pretext.

In the Czech Republic, a state of emergency is about to be declared again as hygienists claim that widespread masking of the population is probably not as helpful in stopping the spread.

Prymula, who had previously warned that leisure activities would be affected, will most likely present more information, given the growing number of people consuming alcohol in recent days.

Due to this, Prymula is determined to limit gatherings, potentially gymnastics and music concerts will also be cancelled. 

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