Serbia Donated 100.000 Doses of Vaccine to the Czech Republic


Today, the Prime Minister of Serbia, Ana Brnabić, escorted a plane with 100.620 doses of Pfizer BioNTech vaccines to the Czech Republic at the Belgrade Airport.

Ambassador Kuchta addressed the media at Nikola Tesla Airport.

“Serbia has always been our partner, it has always been close to us and in moments when we were sick and today we have proof again that we are a fraternal people. This is felt by the citizens of the Czech Republic, and I hope to the citizens of Serbia. This donation is a great, great gift”, said Kuchta.

He added that there are not enough vaccines in the Czech Republic, that they have capacities, but not vaccines.

“Help comes at a time when a lot of people want to be vaccinated before the summer holidays and for everyone to feel safe and to continue a normal life,” said Ambassador Kuchta.

“I don’t think we will ever forget this generous gesture and this friendship,” he said.

The Ambassador also said that he hoped that Serbia and the Czech Republic would continue friendly cooperation and pointed out the good personal contacts between the presidents of Serbia and the Czech Republic.

“After a good visit of President Vučić to the Czech Republic in April this year, we are fulfilling our promise today and we are sending assistance to the Czech Republic with 100.620 Pfizer BioNTech vaccines,” Prime Minister Brnabić pointed out.

“We are sending them best wishes, to be able to defeat coronavirus as soon as possible, so that we all could continue with a normal life, economy, mutual visits and travels together in Europe,” said the Prime Minister of Serbia. She pointed out that in a human sense, the most important thing is when you can help your friends and partners.

When asked by journalists about vaccination in Serbia, the Prime Minister said that 2.533.844 citizens have been vaccinated so far, more precisely about 47 percent of the total adult population. “2.055.471, or more precisely 38 percent of the total population, received two doses of the vaccine,” said Brnabić.

She added that, according to Israel’s experience, a total of 56 percent of citizens would need to be vaccinated to relax the measures. “I would like everyone who can be vaccinated to do so. The goal we have is to vaccinate 50 percent of the population with at least the first dose by June 21,” said Ana Brnabić.


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