September 8 – 16: Castles and Landmarks to Open for FREE

In the second week of September European Heritage Days (EHD) will be held in the Czech Republic. 

Their goal is to make the most interesting monuments of all kinds available to the general public, i.e. architectural, archaeological, sacral, technical, as well as museums, galleries and libraries and even other areas in which incredibly extensive collections of movable cultural heritage are kept.

In the context of the European Heritage Days various accompanying events – lectures, concerts, town festivals, as well as competitions and other cultural programs are held. In buildings that are usually accessible to the public and where admission is charged, special programs shall be offered during these days (such as special guided tours, concerts, exhibitions, etc.). Dozens of cities and municipalities are preparing composed programs for its citizens and tourists.

Castles, palaces, churches, museums, and theaters are not the only places to visit. Those who are interested can also have a look at industrial buildings like factories, mills, mines, and breweries. A detailed list of all participating Prague sites and their open hours are here: 

Prague citizens will have an opportunity to visit the Novomlýnská vodárenská věž, Grabova vila, Libeňský zámek, House at the Golden Ring and many other historical places. 

European Heritage Days has been held in the Czech Republic regularly since 1991.

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