September 28: Ceremonial Unveiling of the Astronomical Clock

On Friday, September 28 at 5.45 pm will start the Ceremonial Unveiling of the Astronomical Clock and at 6 pm the clock will start running again.

At 8.00, 9.00 and 10.00 p.m. – a spectacular projection on the Old Town Tower will be offered to the participants. On the same day, a free exhibition will feature photographs and historical artifacts from the recent repair of the Old Town Hall.

The restoration cost about Kč 7.4 million. Another Kč 2 million were used for a new calendar and an apostle’s door. The celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of Czechoslovakia in 2018 was one of the reasons behind the decision to repair all four facades of the tower, the astronomical clock and the chapel, including new lighting.

The Astronomical Clock at the Old Town Hall on Old Town Square, whose oldest parts date to 1410, belongs among the most famous sights in Prague, along with Charles Bridge and Prague Castle. The entire City Hall was badly damaged in the war, and then some of the post-war restoration work was not done properly and needs to be fixed.

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