September 20-22: WebExpo Conference in Prague

WebExpo is Central Europe’s largest conference covering deep tech & practical topics for designers, developers, product managers, and marketers. It will take place on September 20-22 in Prague gathering 70 experts, 7 hands-on workshops and hosting 1700 participants from different parts of Europe. Learn more in the program

It will feature a wide range of experts in Web Development, UX Designs, AI & ML and Online Marketing from around the world and the Czech Republic.


Here are some of the most interesting talks:

    • (UX) Bringing personality back to the web Vitaly Friedman, co-founder of Smashing Magazine will shed some light on the strategy of how to bring personality back to web design, and how we can make our experiences more humane while also having a higher ROI. 
    • (UX) How to win the hearts of your new users – Inna Kerzman, User-centered Growth Expert specialized in customer retention, learned at that new users’ behavior varies significantly from recurring users’. Knowing this, she will show strategies and practical tools that will help you design a better experience to make your new users more valuable and loyal.
    • Code in the dark: This is not a talk but it is really worth to mentioning that if you feel like a CSS & HTML master, you should prove it the dark… while others are watching. Get to know how to participate.
    • (DEV) More than you ever wanted to know about Resource Hints – Harry Roberts, Front-end architect, will take a look at all of the different Resource Hints available, real-world examples of how to use them best, and share some of the more obscure intricacies and gotchas that we need to be aware of if we want to make our websites faster.



    • (MKT) Make Your Marketing Memorable With Visual StorytellingJessica Gioglio will show us practical tips to grow our businesses and strengthen our brands by telling stories through leveraging photos, videos, infographics, cartoons and more. ROI. 
    • (MKT) Why Some Entrepreneurs Generate Millions In Huge Companies (And Most Don’t) – Greg Larkin will tell us the true story of those entrepreneurs behind those 1M$ breakthroughs launched by huge companies. Greg also has launched some of the most astounding transformations of our time at Google and Uber. He will also lead the workshop: Build a billion-dollar startup inside your company. 
    • (MKT) How to sell for those who hate selling – if you hate selling, this is great news. In a world of sales noise, quality and focus win the market, the cold email outreach is dead. Philip Delvecchio will encourage us to go back to the basics and learn how relationships & value signaling drive business. Also, he will lead the workshop How To Sell Into The US Market

The organization will have different activities to encourage networking such as workshops, speakers’ corner, and meeting areas. Additionally, they will organize free IT courses for kids and offer a childcare service.

Prague Morning is media-partner of the conference WebExpo 2019 and thanks to it, we are giving away a 20% off code created specifically for us to purchase your conference ticket: praguemorning20


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