September 19: Let’s Clean Up the Czech Republic

On World Cleanup Day, 19 September 2020, millions of people in over 150 countries will stand up against global waste pollution by cleaning up communities, parks, forests, and beaches.

Thousands of communities will act together as one, creating a powerful ‘green wave’ of cleanups spanning from New Zealand to Hawaii and lasting for 36 hours.

“During World Cleanup Day last year, nearly 18 million volunteers from 157 countries around the world managed to collect 82,000 tons of waste,” said Miroslav Kubásek, National Coordinator of World Cleanup Day for the Czech Republic.

The aim of World Cleanup Day is not only to pick up waste, but to also raise awareness of the severity of the global climate crisis, drive behaviour change towards less consumption and induce companies, organizations, and governments to adopt more sustainable environmental policies.

World Cleanup Day is organized by Let’s Do It World – a global movement that supports and connects a new generation of community leaders, who are ready to act together to find lasting solutions for the waste problem in their countries.

Taking place on the third Saturday every September, National CleanUp Day was founded to rally volunteers to better our environment by collaborating with one another to improve their local communities.

Any individual, group or organization can start their own cleanup by simply going to the event’s site and signing up.

You can check out the cleanup map and join an event near you. If there is no event organized near you, in your city or neighborhood, take your own initiative and organize a public cleanup yourself.

Ukliďme Česko is a voluntary cleaning event that takes place all over the Czech Republic (and even in a few places outside of it). Its purpose is to clean up illegal black dumps and mess. The event is organized by NGO Ukliďme Česko z. s. in cooperation with other organizations.


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