Self-Employed Can Now Apply for “Compensation Bonus”

A lump-sum payment of CZK 25,000 to self-employed workers was one of a number of economic measures announced by the government on Tuesday, March 31, 2020.

This provision affects about half a million people in the country.

You can apply following this link and download the form, fill in your personal information, check the box on the left „Plná částka“ and sign it.

Then, you need to email the form to your local tax office and write in the subject field „Žádost o kompenzační bonus pro OSVČ”.

You can also submit the form via your “datová schránka” if you have one or in person at the registry (“podatelna”) of your local tax office.

  • The request should be filed to the Tax Office with the relevant territorial responsibility up to June 30, 2020.
  • There should be a statutory declaration attached to the request stating that the self-employed met the conditions for this bonus.
  • The Tax Office should be disbursing this bonus without a delay and that solely by a cashless payment to the account of the self-employed; the bonus is not to be a subject of possible distraint.
Who is eligible
  • The self-employed under the Act on pension insurance, i.e., simply all who are doing business on their own, based on a trade license or, e.g. perform a liberal profession (musicians, writers, etc.), are doing business in agriculture or on the grounds of other Acts of law (medical doctors, attorneys at law, etc.).
  • Self-employment has to be the main activity.
  • Self-employment can be a side activity of a specified circle of people (beneficiaries of disability or old-age pension, parental allowance, etc.).


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