“Šéfové na Cestách” Visiting Pepperfield

sefove na cestach prague morning

This week the boys visit Pepperfield to discover the secrets of Kampot pepper and hear about how this Czech company works with their farmers in Cambodia to ensure they have a sustainable future.

Matteo and Alberto travel in their trusty old Renault van whilst Chris hatches an ambitious plan to skydive into Pepperfield.

Before cooking three inventive dishes, using the three varieties of Kampot pepper, the gang have a go at woodturning to produce their own Pepperfield grinder.

Šéfové na Cestách’ is the first TV show co-produced by Prague Morning, MDC Gastro and Ben Barden, a British filmmaker based in Hradec Králové.

The show follows a trio of chefs on their travels around the Czech Republic, in search of the best food and wine producers that the country has to offer.

The show is filmed mainly in Czech (with a little Slovak, Italian, and English thrown in) however English subtitles are available for all episodes.  New episodes can be found each week on mall.tv and praguemorning.cz

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