“Šéfové na Cestách” out for a Czech Classic: Mushrooming

This week the Šéfové na Cestách head to the forests of Šumava in search of mushrooms.

Finding fungi is something of a Czech obsession, from August to November woodlands are filled with eager pickers, baskets in hand, eyes fixed to the floor, foraging for hřib, ryzec and bedla.

On horseback and on foot our chefs hunt out these precious treasures and cook three delicious dishes amongst the trees.



Šéfové na Cestách’ is the first TV show co-produced by Prague Morning, MDC Gastro and Ben Barden, a British filmmaker based in Hradec Králové.

The show follows a trio of chefs on their travels around the Czech Republic, in search of the best food and wine producers that the country has to offer.

The show is filmed mainly in Czech (with a little Slovak, Italian, and English thrown in) however English subtitles are available for all episodes.  New episodes can be found each week on mall.tv and praguemorning.cz

Missed a show? Here we go: episode one, episode two

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