“Šéfové na Cestách” Discover Delicious Goat’s Cheese

The boys head to beautiful Krasolesi to discover delicious goat’s cheese.

Chris decides to make the most of the beautiful weather and travel South by electric bike, what could possibly go wrong?

Always eager to learn about their ingredients, they get stuck in helping out at the farm, even trying their hand at milking the goats, although it proves a little too scary for one member of the team!

After setting up in the garden and choosing their dairy products, they cook a mouth-watering three-course meal featuring a salad, an Asian inspired panna cotta, and autobus!

Šéfové na Cestách is the first TV show co-produced by Prague Morning, MDC Gastro and Ben Barden, a British filmmaker based in Hradec Králové.

The show follows a trio of chefs on their travels around the Czech Republic, in search of the best food and wine producers that the country has to offer.

Mall.tv and praguemorning.cz

For more episodes and recipes visit: Mall.TV Šéfové na Cestách

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