Šediváčkův Long – The Most Famous Dog Sled Race in the Czech Republic

The Šediváčkův Long is the longest and most famous dog sled race in the Czech Republic and one of the toughest races in Europe.

The 2020 edition will take place from January 21 to January 25.

It is a four-day stage race on the shoulders of the Orlické mountains, including one bivouac (sleeping out on the snow). Every year mushers from Belgium, Czech, Denmark, France, Holland, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Switzerland take part in this race. The race is rated as the Czech championship in LONG-distance (long trail). In 2004 there took place the Europian championship in Long and Mid.

In the beginning, it was a rather crazy idea of a group of Šumavan mushers, who fell in love with the captivating and rough landscape of the Eagle Mountains while training on a visit at a friend’s place. Only 17 dog teams stood at the start of the first race in February 1997 in the town of Deštná. Over the years Šediváčkův Long has grown into a prestigious race at an international level.

Since 2002, Šediváčkův Long has been one of the series of four extreme dog races for the Iron Sled Dog Man and Ice Dog titles. The other three prestigious races of this series take place in Alpine countries, thus resulting in broad international participation. Racers from twelve European countries participate in Šediváčkův Long.

The last edition of the race began with more than 100 mushers and 700 dogs from eight countries from Germany, Austria, Holland, Belgium, France, Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic.

For those who cannot take part, there will be updated info from the race on this website

Photograph: Martin Divíšek/EPA
Photograph: David W Černý/Reuters
Photograph: Martin Divíšek/EPA
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