Security Checks at Prague Castle End After Five Years

prague castle security checks

Blanket security checks at Prague Castle are ending from Friday, a spokesperson for President Miloš Zeman said on Tuesday.

For many years Prague Castle was open for free to everyone. Having several entrances, it was very easy to get inside without waiting.

Since summer 2016, Czech president Miloš Zeman decided to put security checks in place. This measure started to cause a big problem: line ups.

“After evaluating the current security situation and in connection with the strengthening of the camera system, blanket security checks at the entrance at Prague Castle are ending from Friday, April 2nd,” said the Office of the President of the Republic (KPR).

“Members of the Police of the Czech Republic are still entitled to invite visitors to undergo a random personal security check. A member of the police has the right to prevent entry into Prague Castle with items the entry of which is prohibited according to the valid visiting rules,” states the president’s office.

In the past five years, visitors had to walk through a security frame and took anything made of metal out of their pockets (keys, coins…) and then asked to open their bag. 

Increased security at Prague Castle was promised in the wake of a scandal back in September 2015, when a group of activists managed to hang a giant pair of red boxer shorts from the Castle roof in protest at Miloš Zeman’s supposed affinity for authoritarian regimes.

But the Castle claims that tightened security is, in reality, a response to the current situation in Europe, with constant concerns over potential terrorist attacks demanding increased vigilance.

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