Secret Marketing Tips to Focus in 2022

Personalization is a process that aims to tailor the communication, offer or service as precisely as possible to each consumer.

Each stage of the customer journey, from the first contact with the brand, to the purchase to the after-sales service, including the use of the product or service, is adapted to the needs of the customer, whether they are underlying or affirmed.

The guiding principle is to  give the customer what they need, at the right time. Today, setting up a marketing personalization strategy within your company does not only mean the implementation of new technology, but a new way of thinking about all your marketing actions:

  • Have a specific vision instead of a global one;
  • Optimize each communication in itself rather than going to the mass;
  • Focus on your customers instead of your products;
  • Create as much content as you have customers instead of just one general content that is aimed at everyone;

We are in the era of ease. This means that a customer shouldn’t go to great lengths to obtain personalized and responsive service. This is why adopting a personalization strategy affects many aspects of your marketing.


Create your own original content

Nothing creates a stronger bond with your customers than original content. Many companies use left-to-right content on the web in their e-commerce marketing strategy to save time on other tasks.

It does not have the same effect as original content. Original content like videos, blog, or sound will help you market your site through learning. Your customers will be interested in learning more about your market.

Original content also could be connected with the streaming. In the last few years, streaming space has become way more popular and it’s getting a big hype. With the streaming, your favorite (chosen) streamer can get the original content for your brand.

Buy Twitch followers, add more streams to your brand channel and try to promote the brand through other streamers. In blogging and content marketing in general, there’s a lot of talk about creating original content, but no one ever explains what that really means.

Producing your own content is not trivial. The first tool to set up: your editorial line. This will be the framework to be respected when your service providers or employees speak on behalf of your brand.

Thus, it will be more easily recognizable once its content is online. Take the time to test and study the content your target is studying with a few simple questions: What professional themes. attract my target? Digital marketing, sales, professional news, lifestyle, productivity for example. On what media do they consume this content? Clipboard, blogs, ebooks, podcasts, video, etc.

What language is best suited to capture the interest of your targets? Supported (luxury), current (recommended on the internet), etc. When you start a content creation strategy, it is often difficult to diversify its content to continue to captivate your loyal audience. Here are 6 ideas to enrich your content marketing without spending even more time!


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