Sculpture Line Festival Livens Up Prague’s Public Spaces

Sculpture Line Festival prague 2021

If you noticed a few works of modern art suddenly on the streets of Prague, you have stumbled across Sculpture Line, a project now in its seventh year.

Czech streets, squares, and other public spaces will decorate dozens of fine artworks of famous and young artists from both, Czech and from abroad.

The purpose of the exhibition is to enhance and enrich the public space, to offer a new look to cities and to the works of art, both for the inhabitants and for the visitors.

You can adkmire Jiří David’s work Absolute Zero at Náplavka (Rašínovo nábřeží), Václav Fiala’s Tower for Jan Palach on the Smíchov side of the Vltava Embankment, Rhinoceros by Jaroslav Rona at Jungmannovo náměstí, Stele by Alexandra Koláčková at the Dancing House and many more.

The full list of artworks around Prague can be found here.

“Art is a medium where we can meet even in these difficult times. We are currently working with other partners and festival installations around the world. So you can come across artworks in places such as Uruguay or Iran,” says Ondřej Škarka, the festival director and art supporter, who is helping to introduce the project in other parts of the world.

This year, in addition to Prague, the sculptures, which are intended to make public space more pleasant, are also heading to Dolní Břežany, Ostrava, Plzeň, Liberec, Olomouc, Pardubice, Broumov, Vratislav nad Nisou and newly also to Ústí nad Orlicí or Rýmařov.

The festival is also strengthening its cooperation abroad – among others at the Nord Art 2021 show in Germany or in Venice, Italy.

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