January 18-25: Experience the Diversity Nordic Cinema with Scandi Festival

The ninth edition of the popular Nordic film festival Scandi is already in full swing!

Get an insight into Scandinavian culture through award-winning films from Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Iceland.

The festival introduces the diversity and richness of contemporary Scandinavian cinema. Audiences can look forward to a varied program of films again this year, attracting preview screenings and interesting genre titles.

In Prague, Scandi will take place at Edison Filmhub, where most films will screen in their original language with Czech and English subtitles, and Cinema City Slovanský dům, where most features will contain only Czech subtitles.

This year’s Scandi festival will be attended by Norwegian filmmaker Erik Poppe, best known for his 2010 romance 1,000 Times Good Night, starring Juliette Binoche and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, and his stark 2018 drama Utøya: July 22, about the 2011 mass murder on Norway’s Utøya island.

The themes of Scandinavian films are extremely topical, reaching audiences on all continents. Scandi presents a cross-section of films and genres that define the cinematic North – from film noir through horrors to dark comedies and provocative documentaries – all in the presence of filmmakers, experts on the given topics, and other guests.

The vision of the festival is to attract the audience into this environment and provide them with a superior informational background of each of the films of the festival through lectures, discussions, concerts, exhibitions, and industry program.

“In every edition, we invite delegations of the films with whose we have discussions on interesting topics: such as the position of the individual in society, emerging extremism, and populism, but also topics of gender, feminism, the environment, or the life of minorities,” says the organizers.

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