Sanduga: New Restaurant to the Prague Food Scene

A whole new fusion restaurant called Sanduga has been added to the gastronomical map of Karlín. The exterior of the restaurant, located at the corner of Karlínská and Křižíkova streets, will attract your attention at first sight with its large modern windows. Behind these windows, a true fusion atmosphere and unique design will envelope you. Sanduga is not only a restaurant; it is an attractive environment, divided into several parts including a bar and a hookah lounge.

You can enjoy your entire evening in Sanduga, starting by having an exceptional dinner followed by then transferring to the lounge area to relish in hookah smoking paired with a drink from the wide selection on offer.

With love with fusion

The Sanduga Fusion Restaurant’s goal is to introduce visitors to a symphony of flavors from modern international cuisine and modern sushi. It prides itself in the quality of its ingredients and healthy preparation methods. The restaurant has adopted a partially open kitchen concept, where a sushi chef prepares modern sushi and grilled dishes directly in front of you.

On the menu, you can find delicacies such as excellent chicken liver mousse pate with caramelized shallot on port wine, filet mignon In Moroccan coffee prepared in sous vide, seafood cooked in various styles, and a large selection of sushi as well. As an option for dessert, you can choose a light nougat cream. The menu also includes vegetarian options. Conservative visitors will surely find something to suit their tastes. Those who like to explore will definitely find something new.

Business lunch on Saturday too

Sanduga offers a new business lunch every day. It consists of three separate courses – a delicious soup to start, the main course involving a choice of either meat, fish, or sushi, followed by a dessert with coffee.

Saturday family lunch

Every Saturday from 11:30 to 15:00, the restaurant offers a family lunch special with a three courses menu and a welcome drink. The Chef prepares special dishes for children.

Valentine’s Day

It is almost time for the holiday that celebrates love! On February 14th and 15th, the Sanduga Fusion Restaurant is offering a 6-course tasting menu. You will be able to profess your love between a baked pumpkin salad, a mushroom cappuccino with truffle foam, or quail sous-vide. A sweet surprise will serve as the perfect ending to this dinner.

Big Love Sushi Set

The Sanduga Fusion Restaurant offers its own delivery service. They will deliver modern sushi directly to your home.

Hookah Lounge

The restaurant’s layout consists of two sections with a total area of 200 square meters and a maximum capacity to seat 60 people. As an added feature, it offers a lounge dedicated to smoking hookah, which can accommodate up to 20 people. Exclusive types of tobacco are used for the hookah – with their own custom mixes, premium World Tobacco Original, and their unique concept called “Sanduga Adventures” involving the fusion of hookah smoking and gastronomy.

Another prominent feature of the restaurant is the large modern bar offering drinks of various types to suit any desires you can have, such as the first-rate wines from all around the world. The restaurant’s recommendation is to compliment your sushi with a refreshing glass of Prosecco.

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