Ryanair to Resume More Than 20 Flights From Prague

Irish low-cost carrier Ryanair said on Tuesday it is reestablishing from July 1, 2020, summer season flights on 20 routes to and from Prague airport.

Some selected connections will be operated by the Irish carrier in the last week of June.

According to the information published on Ryanair’s website, Czechs can fly for example to Corfu, Rhodes, Zadar, Mallorca, or Malaga.

Tickets price starts from CZK 419 and can be booked until midnight on Thursday, June 11, only on the carrier’s website.

Olga Pawlonka from Ryanair said:

“As popular holiday countries like Italy, Portugal, and Spain are opening up for international tourists, we are ready to welcome passengers on board from 1 July, when Ryanair will be operating over 1,000 daily flights across our entire network. We want to offer our customers as much confidence and flexibility as possible with no flight change fee if their travel plans change.”

Prague now has 12 scheduled flights, and at the end of June, there should be at least 21. Ryanair operated 30 routes in Prague before the crisis.

Ryanair destinations from Prague:
Barcelona (resumption of operations – June)
Bari (July)
Bordeaux (July)
Bournemouth (July)
Brussels (August)
Dublin (July)
Edinburgh (July)
Gothenburg (August)
Corfu (July)
Liverpool (July)
London STN (June)
Madrid (June)
Malaga (July)
Mallorca (July)
Manchester (June)
Marseille (July)
Milan (July)
Pisa (August)
Rhodes (July)
Rome (June)
Zadar (July)


Moreover, Ryanair announced that it was abolishing flight change fees for bookings in July and August so that travellers can book their summer holidays “with peace of mind if their travel plans change”.

In concrete terms, the low-cost airline is offering its customers the following option: from 10 June onwards, travelers making a booking for travel in July and August will be able to move their flights free of change-of-flight fees for travel until 31 December 2020.

“This flight date change will only apply to the route for which customers have already made a reservation and travel must be completed before the end of 2020,” said Ryanair.

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