RVmagnetics Introduces Demonstration Kits to Showcase Smallest Passive Sensors in the World – Their own MicroWires

RVmagnetics, even though established in 2015 has decades of research in applied magnetism backing them.

It is now a company providing R&D services in the measurement industry, by custom-developing measurement systems that include the miniature passive sensors as their cornerstone.

RVmagnetics is also the sole-manufacturer of contactless MicroWire sensors, which is a science and an R&D activity by itself.

MicroWires are rather unique, both with the practical logic, new and prosperous technical opportunities it provides as well as value/manufacturing cost ratio. It has been stated by their new clients time and times again that “the solution, in theory, seems too good to be true”.

Surely the clients are happy and convinced once they get deeper overview and technical solutions like Proofs of Concept and Feasibility studies custom-prepared for their own products by RVmagnetics (this also explains the threshold RVmagnetics recently crossed in terms of the more than a 100 signed NDAs with relevant clients).

At the same time, the first basic demonstration of a unique and niche product, as the RVmagnetics experience states, is best to be as quick and practical as possible.

For this reason, RVmagnetics have prepared Demonstration Kits, for their clients to have hands-on experience and better envision the capacity of the solution.

These demonstration kits are possible to prepare faster as they are for that sole reason to demonstrate and come with no custom requirements and needs to develop on a certain product. Another advantage is the possibility to rent the demo kits – this, not only makes it more of an economical solution but also helps the client to not pile up the system after they received the necessary value from it.

The standard version of the demo kit can provide signal of 4 physical quantities, includes a tablet with dedicated apps, and surely the hardware with the MicroWire sensors and sensing device.

You can watch the videos and descriptions on each physical quantity below:

  • Wireless position sensor
  • Wireless temperature sensor
  • Wireless pressure sensor
  • Wireless movement and Vibration Sensor here,

Or contact us to acquire more information: https://www.rvmagnetics.com/contact

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