Russian Tanks Damaged in Ukraine on Display in Prague

An exhibition of decommissioned Russian military equipment will begin in Prague on Monday. The wrecks from the occupying army were brought to the city by the Ukrainian Ministry of the Interior on Sunday.

The exhibition will last until July 24, in Prague and a few other cities where destroyed technology will be exhibited. The machines will be on display on Letna.

The exhibition will include, among others, the T-90 tank, the Šturm anti-tank system, the Buk anti-aircraft system and some of the more than 3,000 rockets and missiles fired by the Russian army at Ukrainian cities.

The exhibition of Russian weapons destroyed in the battles against Ukraine was already on display in the center of Warsaw’s Castle Square. The theme of the exhibition is a reminder of the horrors of war, but also that Russian aggression can be defeated.

The weapons on display fell into the hands of Ukrainian forces at the start of the war, which began with a Russian attack on February 24. Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said that Ukraine wants to display destroyed Russian equipment in Warsaw, Berlin, Paris, Madrid and Lisbon. Later, however, other cities were to be added, such as Prague.

Ukrainian authorities have been displaying Russian missiles, destroyed tanks, and military vehicles in the center of Kyiv for several weeks.

“We will help ensure that Russian tanks are in Europe, but as wrecks,” Reznikov told Polish station Polsat News, accusing the Kremlin of imperial politics.

The Russian army is many times stronger than the Ukrainian one, above all, it has superiority in artillery. Kyiv is pressing its Western allies to provide more military equipment and ammunition to support its defenses against heavy Russian attacks in the country’s east.

The exhibition is intended to keep the attention of the European public on the events on the Ukrainian battlefield, as over time the war is fading in many European countries from public awareness as people focus more and more on rising prices and the cost of living.

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