Solidarity Run in June Will Support Small French Shops in Prague


From June 1st to June 30th, an online run, called Run4Prague, will take place to support small French shops impacted by the current epidemic situation.

The organizers are aiming to collect 2,000,000 Kč through subscriptions and donations and give it back to the merchants.

The initiative belongs to two young French guys, Brice and Charlie, both working in a startup studio based in Prague.

“Every day after work, we were questioning how we can make a positive impact on people impacted by the crisis. One day, we were running along the Vltava and the idea became obvious!”.

The idea being there, they directly tested it through the French community in a Facebook group called “Prahoo” and received their first positive feedback from runners.

Feeling the idea’s traction, they went immediately visiting some French merchants to speak about the solidarity run. They are proud to have in the loop traditional and younger French shops of the Czech Republic such as Farmstore, Au Gourmand, Café Milleme, Le Marché – Tučné a Zdravé, Vino Delikatesy, and others to come.

“More than just organizing the run, it is fantastic to meet these merchants, hearing their extraordinary stories and understanding how they reacted to this particular situation lasting now for more than 1 year.”

The story works, two young guys visiting merchants to help them through the organization of an event that pushes people to do physical activity. Run4Prague will propose two activities: a run of 5km and a walk of 10,000 steps for the ones that cannot really run but still would like to support this cause.

This initiative has received a positive interest from RunCzech with whom they agreed on mutual communication support “we are very happy to have RunCzech as a strategic partner, and more than pleased to see their interest to fight among us for a good cause”.

“Indeed, Run4Prague is not only about French small shops, the picture is bigger. The ambition is to send a message of people gathering around a cause, rocking it to reach an unlimited horizon,” says the organizers.

“Let’s show that we are with them on this journey and let’s keep them alive tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow. Run4Prague is targeting runners from all over the Czech Republic, across local people and expats communities.

You can follow their Facebook & Instagram pages Run4Prague!

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