Rondo Cubist House – Unknown Gem in Holešovice

rondo cubist house prague

Letná, part of the Holešovice (Prague 7) district, is known as an exciting place where everyone would like to live.

The Academy of Fine Arts in Prague and other important cultural institutions are part of this genius locus that people like to talk about. The place comprises interesting architecture, urbanism and people with artistic backgrounds.

Let’s have a look at one of the facades, in rondo cubist style, at Kamenická street No 35.

One of the best-known examples of rondo cubism was designed by architect Otakar Novotný in 1923-1924. The facade of the six-floor residential building is reminiscent of the principles of dynamic baroque architecture.

Its very unusual appearance has a basically rhythmical geometrical composition and compared to cubist architecture is rather simple. The building was originally named the Rental House of the Association of Prague Teachers.

Nowadays its apartments are mostly family heritage. It is also fascinating to see it in the contexof the other buildings in its neighborhood.

If the term rondo cubism sounds strange to you, you should knothat it is used to describe the characteristic style of architecture and applied arts that was developed in the ’20s in Prague. 

Don’t be afraid to admire this particular one of the many houses on the street, even if the uninterested people have no awareness of its architectural qualities.

Enjoy your moment of unique discovery!

Address: Kamenická 35, Prague

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