Will Help Deliver Covid-19 Vaccines

Vaccines have been delivered to doctors around Prague since Thursday by a collaborative effort of the Young Practitioners Association, online supermarket delivery company Rohlí, and a dozen of other distribution companies. 

Rohlík spokeswoman Zdeněka Svoboda Kuhnová confirmed the company’s collaboration with the association. Tomáš Čupr, CEO of Rohlík, stated that “in the first place, it didn’t seem apparent that help was needed to deliver the vaccines. Until, of course, the Young Practitioners Association took it upon themselves to ask for aid. Currently, there are 3600 vaccines for less than 200 general practitioners in Prague.”

“We got a response from a lot of companies. We took advantage of Rohlík’s offer because they probably had the most sophisticated distribution system. But it’s not just them, of course. There are several distributors. Everyone does it for free,” adds Mucha from the Young Practitioners Association.

Moreover, according to Mucha, nothing inaccessible and special is needed to transport the said vaccines. If the distributor is in possession of a refrigerator or a cooling system that maintains the correct temperature needed for the vaccines, then it’s practically enough.

“All drivers also have food licenses, and in fact, Rohlík drivers are normally used to driving some medications,” added the vice-chairman of the association. Rohlík does sell and deliver pharmaceutical products on their company’s website.

The transmission of the vaccine works by means of a transfer protocol.

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