New Format | Real Estate Tips in Prague with Robin Petrásek

Hello everyone, my name is Robin and I am glad to be your real estate guide for Prague. If you want to know more about Prague, its districts, its history, and the best options to buy, keep an eye on my column to get the inside scoop!

Over the last 10 years, I have helped over 300 expat families purchase property in this beautiful country and now I’m here to talk about everything I’ve learned in the hope it can help more of you.

Because let’s be honest, if we think about Prague specifically, it really is a city like no other, right?

According to our research, Prague scores pretty highly amongst expats for its standard of living, great public transport, work opportunities, safety, and of course the beautiful architecture. It’s no wonder so many expats are looking to buy property here.

This article is an introduction to the new series about everything to do with Prague real estate and related material that will interest you even if you are not looking to buy.

For example, did you know panelaks (those tall, plain apartment blocks) are a legacy of communism and its drive for simplicity? Another fun fact about panelaks: while this style of building might be seen as something for lower-income families and in some cases come with a certain social stigma in other countries, that’s not necessarily the case here in the Czech Republic.

What else can you look forward to?

  • More fun facts about paneláks and why they could be a good investment
  • How to select the right renovation company
  • Secrets of Vinohrady villas
  • What happened to all the property developers in the current market?
  • What’s happening with real estate prices and when can we expect them to drop?
  • Quarterly market reviews
  • Monthly webinars for first-time buyers
  • Inside scoops on developments in various areas of the city


All in, I intend for this column to become a complete guide for expats on buying properties here in the Czech Republic, with a healthy dose of entertainment and fun facts for the rest of you readers.

For those of you who might have met me before, or know me from the Facebook Group Czech Expats Property Owners, you will know honesty and precision is my main drive.

Therefore, in the next upcoming months, you will see on Prague Morning:

  • new series of articles and statistics about properties in Prague
  • inside facts from a Czech person who is in the Expat community

I love this country and I love helping expats settle down here by buying property. If you have similar interests, stay tuned for this column!

In the meantime, if you have any feedback, any questions about buying properties, or suggestions of topics you would like me to cover, please don’t hesitate contact me.

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