Restaurants, Hotels, and Pools to Reopen Tomorrow, May 25

The Czech Republic will take major steps to relax its coronavirus lockdown measures from May 25, opening restaurants, hotels, and pools and allowing gatherings of 300 people.

The number will rise to 500 and then to 1,000 in June when kids’ summer camps are also set to start.

Czechs will only need masks on public transport, in shops and in other closed public spaces that also include theaters and cinemas. The government kept in place a recommendation for people to wear them in open-air spaces.

Bars and restaurants will have to be closed between 11 pm and 6 am, apart from takeaway windows.

In restaurants, groups of customers should remain 2 meters apart and tables will be disinfected after each use. Customers will not have to wear masks when eating and drinking at their tables, but will at all other times when moving around the area. Staff should also wear masks.

Hotels can provide buffet breakfasts served by staff, while plexiglass is recommended at reception desks.

Pools and saunas will reopen but not steam rooms, as well as castles and chateaux.

Tattoo, piercing salons, and beauty salons can also reopen. Medical and social facilities will allow visitors and elementary schools will open for pupils.

The Prague Castle complex will reopen to the public on May 25, including all usually accessible indoor premises and sightseeing routes.

The Czech Republic has reported 8,891 confirmed cases of the COVID-19 illness as of Sunday morning with 315 deaths.  6,047 patients have recovered (three more than Saturday). The total number of tests performed reached almost 400,000.

The State of Emergency in the Czech Republic ended on Sunday, 17 May.


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