Prague’s First-Ever Restaurant Week Runs April 12-23

Prague is hosting the first-ever edition of the Restaurant Week. From April 12 to April 23, the festival provide premium gourmet experiences at renowned restaurants.

Restaurant Week has been taking place all over Europe since 1992. It is held annually in New York, Chicago, London and other European cities. This year, it finally made its way to Prague.

Its aim is to celebrate unique gastronomic experiences, this year under the motto: #JidloNevychaziZMody

The inaugural Czech edition features 25 outstanding Prague eateries. There are historic Czech restaurants, foreign restaurants, and new fashionable bistros among them.

All restaurants will prepare the finest of their food to provide tourists with a wonderful dining experience. Participants may already select from a choice of menus on the website, which include appetizers, main dishes, and desserts.

The aim is to make the special menus that the restaurateurs prepare for the event available to the general public. This is also reflected in the price: 790 CZK per person.

What you can taste…

The spring menu at Alcron restaurant includes lamb with herbs, asparagus, and apples, as well as glazed carrots, rhubarb crudités, and celery.

The lamb was also given special attention by Sanduga restaurant, which stayed true to its fusion idea by serving it with Thai basil and bear garlic. Furthermore, like with many of the restaurants, they have created an additional seafood menu, so you may have calamari or Argentinian prawn ceviche.

The chefs at Karlin’s Nejen Bistro have also created an intriguing menu, where you can sample ostrich or blood orange ice cream.

If you want to be captivated by local delicacies, Blue Wagon in Vinohrady will not disappoint with its terrine of Struha farmer cottage cheese or the pumpkin-seed tenderloin, carrot-almond puree, caramelized shallots, and spinach.

Atelier red and wine menu features French classics such as foie gras foam gras with currants and swordfish steaks with new potatoes, spring peas, and chorizo sauce.

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