Masks Off: Respirator Rules in Public Transport Being Relaxed After Easter

The relaxation of anti-epidemic measures in the Czech Republic is continuing.

Further changes were discussed by the government today, including the suspension of the obligation to wear masks in public transport after the Easter weekend (April15-18), according to Seznam Zpravy.

Respirators should remain mandatory only in medical and social facilities, and the government will still specify some mass events where masks must be worn. In addition to hospitals, surgeries and waiting rooms, a respirator is also needed in pharmacies.

Health Minister Vlastimil Válek will bring the proposal next week to the Cabinet meeting.

“After the Easter weekend, it is expected to get warmer and I see no reason for respirators to continue to be obligatory in public transport,” said the Minister.

The spread of respiratory infections is generally related to the weather, according to experts, viruses are transmitted more from autumn to spring.

Latest statistics

Some 6,708 new cases of Covid-19 were confirmed in the Czech Republic on Tuesday, a fall of around one-quarter on the same day last week.

The number of suspected reinfections, 1,253, was also down on the previous Tuesday. The number of tests being conducted has also been falling. The seven-day case incidence dropped to 349 per 100,000 on Tuesday.

There are 1,656 patients with coronavirus in Czech hospitals. A week ago there were over 2,000.

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