Rent and Ride on a Vintage Jawa Motorcycle in Prague

Czechoslovakia Moto is the first “Fichtl” original and vintage motorcycle rental and tour supplier in the world. All cycles are perfectly maintained, providing you with a fun, safe, affordable and unusual experience. Rent and tour through Prague with their wide selection of vintage classic Jawa Motorcycles and more.

It all started in 2016, when a young boy, Honza Dostál, bought his first Jawa 20/21 Sport, which he still has and is now called “the founder”. He wanted a special gift for himself, so he purchased the motorcycle of his dreams and renovated it. After a year of riding around Bohemia with his beautiful Jawa, one of his friends and colleagues suggested it would be nice if he could borrow one. That gave him the idea to make his hobby a job. He imagined making other people feel the emotions and joy he felt while riding those bikes and decided to open a Warehouse.

Located in Papírenská 2a, Praha 6, Czechoslovakia Moto will amaze you with its unique atmosphere and classic motorcycles. The CS Moto warehouse is warm, authentic and cosy, providing rentals for individuals and companies or the renovation of your bike. The whole idea about the garage is to have an open space for the public, where people can go and see the manufacture, shake hands with the team member that fixed or renovated the bike and talk about it.

Make an excellent gift to someone or give yourself a treat with this original and unique idea that will make you appreciate the beauty of Prague on an original Czech machine.

Opened from Monday till Saturday, have a look at the workshop, talk, consult or arrange a booking while enjoying a coffee or watching how they work. With a total of 15 motorcycles (they are still preparing more,) manuals and some big ones automatic, select between their different options: rent a bike for 3 hours and 30 minutes for 890 CZK, 6 hours for 1250 CZK or 12 hours 2500 CZK.

On Saturdays, with the tour Hidden Prague, experience a 4,5 hours journey on a vintage classic Jawa Motorcycle for only 2.500 CZK, taking you through the hidden and mysterious places of the city. Accompanied by members of the Czechoslovakia Moto team, you will get to visit places that are rarely even known by local people.  Prices include the helmet, full fuel, an English-speaking guide, a bottle of water and short training.

If you are passionate about bikes, feel nostalgic or need a little adventure, go on one of their legendary Jawa Pionýr and don’t miss this opportunity to meet the team or have a tour on a traditional Czech motorcycle.

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