Renowned Architects Competing To Build New Žižkov Centre

CENTRAL GROUP company announced an open call for participation in a workshop for the residence complex New Žižkov Centre.

The aim of the announcer is to create a residential complex of approximately 1,200-1,300 dwellings with variable commercial spaces in the parterre in the streets of Olšanská and Jan Želivský and further, according to the concluded contract with Prague 3, the establishment of kindergarten, which subsequently the investor free of charge transfers into the ownership of the city district.

The announcer emphasizes the creation of a valuable public space with greenery next to the intersection of the Olšanská and Jan Želivský streets and park green in the street of Jan Želivský and on the south side of the site (towards the cemetery). Together with other foreign and domestic architects, they are competing for the design of buildings that will be the on the site of the former headquarters of Telecom in Žižkov.

The winner will be announced this spring. “We want to create harmony and contrasts, linking tradition with the future, and nature with architecture,” Japanese architect Fujimoto describing his project. Two weeks ago he received the Mipim Awards at the Cannes Real Estate Fair for his design of the Thousand Trees Complex, which is to be built in Paris. “We took over the diversity of Parisian roofs and created a residential project and a park in one with a view of the city,” Fujimoto explained.

The 12 finalists for the former Telecom area include British architect Ian Ritchie and American Richard Meier. Another star name is the Czech architect Eva Jiřičná.

Author: Lilato Madiri

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