Renovation of Prague’s Department Store Máj to be Completed Next Year

Construction Company, Metroslav, has begun large-scale renovations on Prague Department store, OD Máj.

Given its status as a cultural moment, many elements from the original building will be preserved – a decision made in agreement with preservationists.

“We would like to open Máj to the public in a modernised form in the first half of 2024. The total costs after the completion of the complete reconstruction will reach four billion crowns,” said developer Václav Klán, who manages Amadeus Real Estate.

Chief Architect of the renovations, Milan Mlady, believes the project will reinvigorate the area as a cultural and entertainment centre.

Metroslav is making efforts to maintain and preserve the original appearance of the monument. During their planning phase, they collaborated with the original architects, Martin Rajniš and John Eisler, and additionally consulted both urban planning and historic preservation groups.

“Even after the reconstruction, the house will look like it is the original house, it will just have a full-fledged new cladding, except for the facades, which are distinctive,” said Mlady.

The building – standing on the site of the Neo-Gothic Šlik Palace – was originally completed in April 1975, and declared a cultural monument by the Ministry of Culture in 2006.

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