RegioJet to Stop Selling Tickets to Ljubljana

RegioJet has announced it will stop selling train tickets to Ljubljana due to a change in travel conditions to Slovenia.

The train connections from the Czech Republic to Croatia will not be affected by the new restriction. The carrier allows all the passengers to request the ticket cancellation and refunds, said RegioJet spokesman Aleš Ondrůj.

Passengers will receive further information via SMS.

One-way fares tickets to Croatia cost CZK 590 per person, with the compartments available for groups. Berths in couchette coaches for individuals or groups start at CZK 790 per person.

All fares include seat reservation, free coffee, and breakfast, WiFi, and access to free entertainment services.

The service will operate three times a week between the Croatian coastal town of Rijeka and Prague, Pardubice, Brno, and Břeclav in the Czech Republic, Bratislava in Slovakia, and Csorna in Hungary.

The service will run between June 30 and September 26, and the fact that as many as 30 thousand tickets were sold in the first two weeks speaks clearly about the great interest for this offer.

The service also includes bus connections to 30 locations on the Croatian coast, which will be available for an additional fee of CZK 200 or 300 depending on the distance.

RegioJet a.s. is a private Czech provider of rail and bus passenger transport and a leading long-distance railway company in Central Europe. They have 20 million passengers a year, 11 million in rail and 9 million in bus transport.



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