Red Panda is Here to Help You

Okay, guys, calm down. Now you can loosen the reins of your visa questions a bit, and give it to Red panda’s hands. I know there are plenty of insurance agencies in the Czech Republic, but would they give you a cute panda? Or many other cool gifts?

Red panda is the largest insurance agency in the Czech Republic founded in 2011. About 56% of foreign students use its services. The agency also collaborates with all insurance companies for foreigners such as Maxima, pVZP, Uniqa, Slavia, Axa/Ipa, Ergo, pVZP Exclusive.

As soon as you become a member of Red panda (automatically right after you use its service), you can choose gifts up to 5000 CZK. Such tickets to Germany, a free meal at Brambor King, Italian wine and many more.

Usually, the process of preparing documents for a visa is stressful. Especially if you have a lot of stuff going on in life. “Our clients can fully rely on us and forget about doing everything on their own. We have people who leave for holidays and they don’t have to stress out about the visa by just signing the power of attorney under our company”, Rustam Galeev, Red panda’s founder says.

The office is located in the center of Prague, at Vaclavske náměstí, so you can barely miss it. As soon as you enter, a huge 2-meter panda will meet you in the waiting room. Kind and affable staff will offer you drinks and cookies while you can sit on a massage chair. The atmosphere is very relaxing and warm out there.

Red panda’s team not only provide service regards insurance but regards other important aspects. They are ready to accompany you to doctor’s or go with you to the police and speak Czech instead of you, answer all your questions for free.

“We basically provide full guidance to our clients and we pay attention and we care about small details”, Galeev states.


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