RacketPal Arrives in the Czech Republic. Find a Partner for a Game of Tennis or Squash!

racketpal czech republic

The revolutionary RacketPal application, which has already been downloaded by tens of thousands of tennis players, is heading to the Czech Republic.

It is the third country in which racquet sports players will be able to use the application to help with the return to sports, movement, and overall mental well-being.

Having already helped more than 40,000 tennis players in London and Melbourne, the new RacketPal application assists players in finding opponents and teammates at their level and with similar time options. It will also help them find coaches or braiders.

“Together with co-founder Bogdan, we realized that we didn’t know of any way we could meet other players who would also like to play the sport,” explained Robert Rizea, CEO and co-founder of RacketPal.

In less than three years, RacketPal has moved from a mere database of racquet sports players to a modern application that can be downloaded on both available App Store and Google Play platforms- it’s a sports social network

Users have access to discussions, private and group chats, personalized search for the most suitable opponent or a sophisticated system of ratings and statistics.

The startup currently has 25 employees with a plan to create the largest online sports community in the world.

“You will earn badges for various activities in the application, and thanks to this information, your player level will be automatically adjusted, refined and you will be able to monitor your progress,” added Rizea.

racketpal czech republic

The Czech Republic will become the third market the application will enter after Britain and Australia. David Kašper’s investment took care of that, which helped with the full localization of the application into Czech.

“My investment in RacketPal was very much connected with the fact that I want to give people in the Czech Republic the opportunity to start moving regularly as soon as possible, which is exactly what this application fulfills,” explained Kašper.

“Thanks to it and thanks to the care with which we adapted the application to the Czech user, we can also play with us much more often and find suitable opponents.”

Kasper wants to help support the people in Prague return to the courts as soon as possible and to take care of their mental health through sports and the use of the app.

You can find the RacketPal app in both the App Store and Google Play.


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