Quick Guide To Boost Your Real Estate Growth With Video Marketing

When you think of all the perks of digital advancements like Video Marketing, it is hard to connect it to certain commercial sectors. In this case, the problem does not lie in the industry’s inability to adapt to these changes. On the contrary, the issue lies in our human-focused approach in general perception.

The real estate industry is in a similar situation. We cannot dissociate the human element involved in making property-related decisions. However, as the market continues to grow and in the wake of industrial disruptions, real estate has also taken the digital route!

Technology is playing a crucial role in connecting various stakeholders. Moreover, businesses can connect with a wider audience and increase their sales through video marketing. As an acknowledgment of this trend, here is a quick and easy guide on how to boost your real estate growth using video marketing.


Types of Real Estate Videos Worth Creating

Before getting into the details of marketing your real estate videos, you need to have a firm grip on the many types of videos. Following are some of the commonest video types that you can create to market your brand:

● Listing Videos: These are, by far, the leaders of real estate videos. It allows real estate firms to take the viewer on a virtual tour around the house. You can use it to highlight the features of the property in a creative manner.
● Interview Videos: The key takeaway from shows like House Hunters and Property Brothers is that people love watching other people buy homes. Having a video interview can act as testimonials and social proof of your house hunting capabilities.
● Home Buyer or Seller Advice Videos: If you want to establish trust amongst your viewers, you need to establish yourself as an industry expert and a thought leader. You can achieve this effect by educating your viewers.
● About Me/Us: People want to see the names and faces behind the business. So humanize your business through such a video that hits an emotional note. Given that the content and script for this video may already be available, creating one would not be an issue!
● Community Videos: Community videos offer a local flavor and add personality to the property. It offers a holistic overview of the surroundings, the neighborhood, the amenities, and the overall culture of the place where the real estate is located.
● Promotional Videos: Some strategies have stood the test of time. In this case, showcasing real estate advertisements on televisions is a classic example. Create your brand promotion video to raise awareness about your business. If you can, get your
hands on a suitable ad maker and test out your creativity. On the other hand, those who find themselves creatively challenged can use sites like videocreek.com or veed.io
● Event Videos: Did you recently conduct an open house? Get it on record and show it to your audience. When people know that you throw rad events, they are more likely to attend these! As one can see from above, there are several ways in which real estate companies can make use of videos to further their interest. Select the video type depending on your marketing goal and produce it using tools like InVideo.

Creating Real Estate Videos

Once you have your basics clear, you can proceed to the next stage, that is, video creation and production.
Typically, every video creation process contains three stages: Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production. Here’s a look at each of them:

● Pre-Production: The preliminary stage is the most crucial phase of your video creation strategy. It lays the foundation for your video creation and subsequent strategies. You will have to decide the type of video content, research on the topic, write the script for the same, and hunt for resources that you may require.
● Production: Production relates to the D-day when you start shooting your video. If you are using a camera for recording the video, make sure that the sound and lighting are perfect. Also, record the voice-over audio and the B-rolls. Producing an explainer or an animated video using a software application is a lot easier.
● Post-Production: After you have recorded the raw clips, it is time to edit it to perfection. For this purpose, you will require a fully-functional video editor, such as InVideo, to make this task easier. Continue editing the video until you are completely satisfied with the end product, and get ready to publish it.

Real Estate Video Marketing Process [With Tips!]

After creating your real estate video, it is all about promoting it in the best possible ways. Here are a few marketing tips that can get you started:
● Create a video marketing strategy that clearly outlines the final goal of all your marketing activities. List out the target audience and collect all kinds of information related to them.
● Publish your video on several platforms, especially YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and your personal website. Optimize the video for each platform for seamless playability for different devices.
● Engage with viewers and cross-post the video to other destinations. Include closed captions and video transcriptions and load them with keywords.
● Optimize the real estate videos to get them to rank high on search engines. Best practices include researching keywords and including them in your title, video description, tags, and metadata.
● Incorporate CTAs and lead capture forms within the video to capture details on leads.
● Display your logo and branding across all videos and share your contact information to make yourself accessible.
● Use your videos to run Instagram or Facebook ads to gain a wider audience.

Final Thoughts

Considering that the real estate market is already cluttered with several players, you leverage video marketing to gain a competitive edge! Video marketing presents a unique opportunity to nurture and grow your business. You can use it for any stage of your sales and marketing activities to gain the desired result.

As it becomes easier and easier to produce high-quality videos, video marketing no longer has to be a daunting task. Stay consistent in engaging your audiences through videos, and these efforts will positively pay off.

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