Quarantine. What’s Next: Baby Boom or Wave of Divorces?

Millions of people around the world found themselves locked in four walls with their partners for several weeks. Opinions of experts on what this will lead have split.

From the experience of similar situations in the past, when people were locked at home, due to natural disasters or problems with electricity, the result was a baby boom. Many jokes that buying up liquids for disinfection, people are stocking up with the wrong goods – hundreds of condoms remain on the shelves untouched. Daily Star reports that sales of sex toys, lubricants and erotic lingerie in Britain grew by 13%, in Italy – 71%, and in Canada – 135%. There is already a name for the future generation – the “coronials” – in honor of the virus, thanks to which it was born.

But there is another opinion. Leading divorce attorney Baroness Fiona Shackleton (her clients included Sir Paul McCartney, Prince of Wales, Madonna and Liam Gallagher) made a disappointing forecast. Forced quarantine is great stress even for those spouses who are in a stable relationship. But for newlyweds, couples with young children and those who have problems, it can be fatal.

According to Shackleton, during a recent international online conference, absolutely all her colleagues agreed with the forecast that in the near future (after the end of quarantine) an unprecedented surge in divorces will occur throughout the world, Mirror writes.

This has already become a reality in China. A marriage registration manager in Dazhou (Sichuan province in southwestern China) named Lu Shijun told reporters that since February 24, more than 300 couples have already divorced in their city. Some bureaus had a divorce waiting list till March 18th.

In Xi’an, there is also an unprecedented increase in the number of divorces. There, in one day, up to 14 applications are received in the district office, which exceeds the upper limit established by the local council.

According to Shackleton, usually, the number of divorces increases after long joint vacations, for example, summer or Christmas.
However, in the case of a long vacation, spouses can still be distracted by each other (for example, during sports, meeting with friends and relatives).

But to stay in the apartment one on one for several weeks without the opportunity to escape or change the situation is a completely different matter. How many divorces will follow after a protracted quarantine around the world is still hard to imagine.

Whether it’s a baby boom or an avalanche of divorces, and this can affect the real estate market. Do not want to risk and sell your property now? Contact me and I will help you to do it.

By Alexandra Kurbanova

(sources mail.ru, dailymail.co.ukwashingtontimes.com)


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