Quality of Life: the Czech Republic Ranks 24th in the World

This year, the Czech Republic has taken 24th place in the 2019 Social Progress Index.

The country climbed two places compared to last year, even though it received fewer points than in 2018.

The index is annually prepared by the Social Progress Imperative NGO and Deloitte based on data about the level of social and economic development and the state of the environment. Of the 149 countries which were included in the comparison, Norway came on top while the Central African Republic was last.

The Czech Republic achieved the best results in economic indicators and basic human needs, specifically nutrition and basic medical care, water and sanitation, shelter, and personal safety.

In contrast, tolerance and inclusion has taken a downward turn in the Czech Republic, ranking it among countries the likes of Botswana. A high score was also achieved by the Czech Republic in respect of access to basic knowledge.

“Even the richest countries have weaknesses they have to address. We should be concerned that personal rights indicators are falling. Even in the US”, said Deloitte President Josef Kotrba. “If we compare the four Visegrad countries in the area of ​​personal rights, the Czech Republic is far ahead of Slovakia, Poland, and Hungary,” he added.

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