Quality of Life Ranking Reveals the Best Places to Live in Czechia

The best place to live in Czechia is the Central Bohemian town of Říčany, followed by Prague according to this year’s Quality of Life Index put together by Deloitte for the Obce v Datech project.

The annual list is created by using big data analysis to crunch a wide array of statistics ranging from community services, to work, education and health conditions.

Deloitte claims to analyze data from the 206 largest Czech cities and uses the following criteria to evaluate cities’ quality of life: total population growth, crime rate, life expectancy, traffic accidents, number of working doctors, sustainability, clean environment, unemployment rate, median wage, number of companies and private entrepreneurs, number of schools and kindergartens, accessibility of leisure activities, number of restaurants, ATMs, pharmacies and other services.

If you’re looking for the ideal place to settle down in Czechia then Říčany, a town with a population of around 16,000 which lies to the east of Prague, is probably your best bet. At least according to the annual Quality of Life Index, which has placed it at the top of its list for the past five years in a row.

The ruins of the old Říčany castle, dating back to the period of the last Přemyslid dynasty, are an architectural sight that one should not miss. Later the castle was occupied by the Husites. In the town square, we find the Church of St. Peter and Paul. The chapel is decorated by frescoes from around the year 1400. Not far from here we find the Marian Column built in 1699.

Prague was ranked second and Brandýs nad Labem was ranked third.

The project aims to help municipalities through the analysis of large amounts of statistical data (Big Data) to identify the real problems of management and distribution of funds in order to correct deficiencies to improve the quality of life.

The study also wants to give people who are thinking about moving an opportunity to learn about the standard of living in other cities in the country.

The ten best cities in the Czech Republic in terms of quality of life in 2022:

1) Říčany
2) Praha
3) Brandýs nad Labem (Stará Boleslav)
4) Hustopeče
5) Černošice
6) Židlochovice
7) Slavkov u Brna
8) Rosice
9) Brno
10) Třeboň

The full version of the ranking with detailed results for each city can be found here.

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