Pubs and Restaurants Could Reopen for Indoor Service in the First Half of June

According to the Minister of Industry and Trade Karel Havlíček (ANO), pubs and restaurants could re-open for indoor service during the first half of June at up to 50 percent of their original capacity.

Monday has brought a further easing of Covid measures. In restaurants, guests must carry proof of a negative test, vaccination, or a maximum of 90 days since infection with the virus.

In addition, staff must ensure at least 1.5 meters between tables and a maximum of four people at each table, unless they are members of the same household.

In the event of an inspection, guests will be asked to produce certificates of vaccination, negative Covid tests or proof of post-Covid immunity, but restaurant owners themselves will not be responsible for checking them.

Moreover, the ban on restaurants providing internet access in their gardens will be lifted, and the same applies to large shopping centers, where it has been in force for several months.

As of May 17, outdoor cultural events will be allowed with up to 700 people.

Indoor events should be allowed from next week. “The numbers are favorable, therefore from May 24 it will be possible to organize events for 1,000 people outdoors and 500 indoors,” said Zaorálek.

Cinemas will also be allowed to open. “If they don’t insist on refreshments, they will be able to run it. If they need refreshments for that, it will be solved at the time when the interiors of the restaurants will be opened, “said Zaorálek.

Latest statistics

The health ministry recorded 257 new COVID-19 infections on Sunday, down from 384 cases on the same day a week ago. The official death toll has risen to 29,913, increasing by 56 over the past two days, which includes revisions to previous days, according to ministry data.

Daily deaths have fallen from peaks of over 200 in March.

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