Public Transport in Prague Is Now Free for Ukrainians

Prague authorities have abolished for citizens of Ukraine fares for public transport. The measure will last until the cancellation order). 

A valid passport or ID card entitles Ukrainian passengers to free transport in Prague as well as on suburban and regional buses and trains.

The free fare covers the entire PID transport system (i.e. commuter trains and buses) as well as the entire Central Bohemian region.

“In cooperation with the authorities of the Central Bohemian region and railway carriers we introduce free transport to Ukrainian citizens. We want to help our Ukrainian friends as much as possible and make it easier for them to move around Prague without burdening them with excessive bureaucracy. Glory to Ukraine!”, declared the Deputy Mayor of Prague for Transport Adam Scheinherr.

Moreover, the Czech police are to meet a request from their Slovak counterparts for help on the Slovak-Ukrainian border.

Some 50 Czech officers will help register people crossing the border. The minister of the interior, Vít Rakušán, said they would set off on Tuesday.


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