Public Transport During Christmas Holidays

The Prague Transport Company has published a timetable for the city’s public transport services during the winter holidays. Like last year, it has undergone certain restrictions and changes.

Christmas Eve, 24 December: public transport will operate according to the Saturday schedule, with the daytime schedule ending at 18:00. From then on, the underground will start running at extended intervals of 20 minutes. The last trains from terminal stations will leave as usual at midnight.

Trams and buses will run at 30-minute intervals in the evening and nighttime (between 18:00 and 07:00), except for the 119 bus. The funicular will have its last departure at 17:00.

On December 25, all transport will follow the Sunday schedule. Daytime buses and trams will hit the streets at 07:00 (the 119 route earlier – at 04:30). Routes 58, 143 and 187 will be canceled.

December 26 – similar to the previous day.

December 27-30 – transport will run according to the special “holiday” (prázdniny) schedule during school holidays. Tram No. 4 and 21 and bus No. 187 will not be operated. Tram 16 will only operate on the Kotlářka – Ústřední dílny DP segment.

The extended timetable will be in effect on 31 December. Daytime trams and buses will run until 22:00. The last funicular will be at 17:00. Routes 58 and 143 have been cancelled.

The underground will also be extended. Trains will run at 10-minute intervals until 02:30.

The last trains will leave from the terminal stations:

Line “A”: Nemocnice Motol at 01:51am, Depo Hostivař at 01:53am;

Line “B”: Zličín at 01:40 a.m., Černý Most at 01:45 a.m;

Line “C”: Letňany at 01:44 a.m., Háje at 01:44 a.m.

1 January 2023 – Prague public transport will follow a Sunday schedule. The first daytime buses and trams will start running around 07:00 a.m. (route 119 at 04:30). Routes 58 and 143 will be cancelled.

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