New Grooming Salon in Vinohrady Keeps Dogs Looking Their Best

There will now be two locations for the PsiKrasa Dog Grooming Salon! The first is located in Andel and the new one is located at Vinohrady.

“We are the partner of the Czech Club of owners and breeders of Black Russian Terriers and we are the only grooming salon in the Czech Republic, which has a specialization for this type of large breed. But we groom all breeds and all dogs no matter if they have a breed or not,” says the owner Oxana.

PsiKrasa Dog Grooming Salon also does stripping for dogs, and starting in November a second salon location is opening so they can serve even more customers.

If you look at their website it talks more in detail about the care they put into each dog and you are even able to see pictures of dogs they have groomed for reference.


“It’s an amazing job, I’m very lucky. And I’m also lucky to have found a great groomer – Anna. She’s a Ukrainian refugee and came from Kharkiv with her dog-lady named Jasja. Our meeting was a big impulse to open the second salon,“ added Oxana.

“I feel at home with them and at ease with them; they relax me.”

In addition, they also have an Instagram and Facebook account which shows more pictures of dogs so you can truly understand their talent for trimming dogs.

This dog salon is the place to go if you want your dogs to get the care and attention they deserve! The new salon opening in Vinohrady is going to be a great addition and is worth going to, too!

Their website has all the details you need to book an appointment and understand the type of care and attention they put into each dog.

“We can’t wait to welcome our customers and their pets into our revamped pet care centre. We really do offer everything you need to keep pets happy, healthy and safe, all under one roof,” concludes Oxana.

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