Roman Prymula is Now President Zeman’s (Unpaid) Advisor

The former Minister of Health and ex-adviser to Prime Minister Andrej Babiš appeared on the list of advisers to President Miloš Zeman.

On Sunday, during the program Partie on TV Prima, the Czech President announced that he would like to accept Prymula as his advisor for an unpaid position.

The president stated that the ex-minister could “become an unpaid reinforcement in his team of advisers.”

“As the Prime Minister rightly says, he lacks social intelligence. But as an epidemiologist, he is excellent,” said Zeman.

After attending a European League football match between Slavia Prague and Leicester City on February 18, Prymula was fired from his role as an adviser to Prime Minister Andrej Babiš.

“Mr. Prymula is a great expert on epidemics, but he lacks social intelligence. This is again simply wrong, towards football fans who can’t go to the stadium, as well as the people we want to be at home now. We have agreed to end our cooperation because it is untenable,” said Babiš.

Only a few hours before the match in Prague, Prymula expressed his support for a harsher lockdown in the Czech Republic.

Zeman’s advisers include, for example, former CSSD deputy chairman Michal Hašek and businessman and former deputy chairman of the Party of Citizens’ Rights (SPOZ) Martin Nejedlý.

A total of 15 people are on the list of official advisers to the Czech President.

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