Prymula: “We Will Soon Open the Borders, Students to Go to School With Face Masks”

The Deputy Minister of Health Roman Prymula yesterday released an interview for DVTV.

“England and Sweden took a conspicuously different approach to the coronavirus from its international peers, trusting the public to adopt voluntary, softer measures to delay the spread of the virus. It didn’t work properly. But a controlled approach that would not be as restrictive as it is now, may deserve attention.”

“In the beginning, we had to slow down the epidemic with strict measures. But now we have to decide whether to continue this method or to “relax” these measures – even if the epidemic goes slightly up,” Prymula said.

“It is not possible to hold tough measures indefinitely. If the growth rate of cases continues to be linear in the coming days, the bans are expected to be lifted,” he added.

“When a group at-risk is managed, the rest of the population should “meet” this virus in time and prove immune. Czechs should meet with coronavirus. I do not say everyone, but those for whom it will not be worse than the flu. And these are people of lower age, and healthy.”

However, Babiš said he disagreed with Prymula, and the idea to create herd immunity against Covid-19 in the Czech Republic.

Shops and services should return to normality after Easter. Other shops exempted from the closure include consumer electronics, florists, newspapers, magazines and tobacco products, and also pet shops and glasses shops. Banks and post offices are also untouched by the ban.

“Schools may reopen around May 15.  Students have to wear face masks, it will be obligatory.”

According to Prymula, the borders will also open soon. “But I need to be clear: after everyone’s return, there is a 14-day quarantine. Travel will only be possible in countries where the risk is quite low, so I imagine we can soon travel to Slovakia – and Poland,” he concludes.

The number of new coronavirus cases may reach up to 17,000 in the Czech Republic by mid-April.

President Milos Zeman has said he will award Roman Prymula the Order of the White Lion on October 28, in recognition of his work in fighting the coronavirus epidemic.

The Czech Republic reported its slowest daily percentage rise in confirmed coronavirus cases on Monday, as the country entered fourth week of restrictions on business and movement.

The country had 4,591 cases as of Sunday midnight, up 2.6% from the previous day, the Health Ministry said on its website. This was the lowest percentage increase since early March when the country had a handful of known infections.

There were 4,710 tests done on Sunday, down from a record 6,889 on Friday but still up by nearly 2,000 from a week ago, when the daily number of detected infections was higher.

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