Primark’s Opening Date to be Announced Soon


The Irish fast-fashion retailer Primark has started recruiting staff for its three-floor store on Wenceslas Square against the background of the reopening of retail shops in the Czech Republic.

Primark’s Prague branch will become the first one in the country, marking the company’s expansion into the Czech market.

In the new Flow Building, Primark will offer a full range of cheap women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing, shoes and accessories, cosmetics, as well as household goods and confectionery on a total area of 4,700 square meters.

Salespeople are invited to start working in the second half of May. Besides, Czech is gradually appearing on the official website of Primark. For example, this page informs viewers of the Prague branch opening soon and provides some information about the company.

“With the opening of retail, we can finally move forward with our plans to open the first branch in the Czech Republic. We believe that the COVID-19 pandemic will not cause further delays,” said Kateřina Outlá from Grayling Prague, which represents Primark. However, she did not specify the precise opening date.

Primark operates in 12 European countries and the United States, where it has over 380 stores. Last year, the chain entered the Slovenian and Polish markets; expansion into the Czech Republic was also announced.

However, the spring and winter lockdowns foiled the process, even though Primark was already beginning to recruit employees for the Prague branch.

Prior to the outbreak of the pandemic, Primark signed lease agreements for its second store in the Czech Republic, located in the Olympia shopping centre in Brno. The branch is scheduled to open in 2022.

Primark will face less competition in the Czech market than during pre-coronavirus times. A number of retail clothing companies left shopping galleries and stores of large Czech cities.

Among the first to withdraw from the market was the French brand Camaïeu, which planned the closure of stores even before the pandemic. In the following months, it was followed by the French chain Promod and the British retailer Next.

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