Prima TV Teams Up With CNN to Launch News Channel

A private Czech television station has joined forces with CNN to create a news channel in the Czech Republic.

The Czech FTV Group and CNN International Commercial launched the channel, CNN Prima News, on Sunday.

CNN Prima News will be broadcast in Czech and become the ninth channel in Prima Group’s portfolio. The content of the broadcasts will feature national news covered by the Prima Group, as well as international reporting and programs provided by CNN.

Regional news teams from the Prima Group will also be involved in domestic reports, and CNN Prima News will provide news content for other channels and the online platform of the Prima Group.

Commenting on the development, Marek Singer, general director of the Prima Group, said: “With the start of the broadcasting of CNN Prima News, a new era of dynamic and objective TV news in the Czech Republic will begin, which is unprecedented up to this point, and audiences should definitely look forward to it. One of the most modern studios and editorial boards for broadcasting in Europe is currently being built in the new headquarters in Prague. In addition to news, we will also be offering a wide range of topical programs. We will also be launching a special digital platform with unique content”.

Roland Nikolaou, senior Director, content sales and licensing, CNNIC, added: “We are delighted to be working with the Prima Group to bring a quality local version of CNN journalism to audiences in the Czech Republic. By combining CNN’s international expertise, reach and content with Prima’s deep knowledge of the Czech environment and local issues, we will create attractive program content that will deliver a unique mix of national and international news”.

Other CNN-branded channels have already been established in other countries, including in Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Turkey, Switzerland and Greece.

FTV Prima is the second-largest Czech private TV network.

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