President Zeman to Leave for Holiday on Thursday

President Milos Zeman will leave for another part of his summer holiday on Thursday, from which he will come back in mid-August, spending the time mostly at the presidential chateau in Lany, central Bohemia, his spokesman Jiri Ovcacek said. 

The holiday is to begin on August 1 and will last “approximately until mid-August,” Ovcacek said. Zeman already took holiday in late June, early July this summer when he stayed in his house in Nove Veseli, south Moravia, after visiting the Vysocina Region.

He interrupted his holiday because of the dispute around the replacement of the culture minister. 

Early in May, Mr. Babiš and the Social Democrats requested the removal Mr. Staněk, whom they accused of being ineffective. At the same time, they asked to replace him with the Social Democrats’ pick Michal Šmarda. The delay led the Social Democrats to threaten to leave the government coalition.

President Zeman thanked Mr. Staněk for his good work and for having unveiled corruption in the field of culture but has not so far agreed to make any new appointment, saying he would decide on Staněk’s successor in mid-August.

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