President Zeman Returns to Hospital After Positive COVID test

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Czech President Milos Zeman was being taken back to the hospital on Thursday after testing positive for coronavirus, local news media reported.

Zeman, who had been released from hospital earlier on Thursday after more than six weeks for a different treatment, was not showing symptoms, according to a report by radio station Frekvence 1.

Spokespeople for the president and hospital were not immediately available.

Zeman — a heavy smoker and drinker who has suffered from diabetes — has trouble walking and has been using a wheelchair. His condition was attributed to an unspecified chronic disease.

As president, Zeman has a key role in establishing a new government and is set to swear in the new coalition government led by Petr Fiala on Friday.

A three-party, liberal-conservative coalition known as Together — composed of the Civic Democratic Party, Christian Democrats and the TOP 09 party — won the election with a 27.8% share of the vote.

Together teamed up with a liberal coalition made up of the Pirate Party and STAN — a group of mayors and independent candidates — which came in third place with 15.6% of votes.

Zeman is the first Czech president to be directly elected twice by the people, following a constitutional amendment and has been in place since 2013.


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