President Zeman Calls for Solidarity in Easter Address

Czech President Milos Zeman stressed on Sunday during a televised Easter address the need for friendship, love, respect, and solidarity, and called for continuing to abide by the country’s effective measures in fighting COVID-19.

“Our plan should continue what is being done here successfully because we already know that the epidemic is receding,” Zeman said.

The Easter holiday is a time for hope, Zeman told citizens, reiterating that the Czech Republic could overcome the troubling time if citizens come together in solidarity and follow restrictions.

“The downward trend was sustained and, of course, compared to other countries, the measures against the epidemic really worked, compare the numbers of infected and deceased in our country with perhaps those of Western Europe,” he added, noting how successful the Czech Republic has been in its response to COVID-19.

In a discussion with Prima Televize, a Czech television station, on Sunday, Zeman rejected the idea that economic concerns should make the nation rush into a return to normal. “In this country, human life and human health are the most important,” the president said.

Zeman also thanked China again for its crucial role in supplying the country with COVID-19 tests, personal protective equipment, and other key medical supplies.

As of Sunday morning, there were 5,905 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the country, with 422 recoveries and 132 deaths.


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